Extreme Plastic Surgery

As seen on the Direct Gov jobsearch pages.


I wonder if they are registered with the British Association of Plastic Surgeons. Yes, the acronym is BAPS (we British have a lot of fun with this as “baps” is slang for breasts), although they’ve now added and extra “A” for “aesthetic”, like that’s going to work!

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The Chicken Manual

I was having a catch up and cup of tea in a local coffee shop and book store with my friend Donna when I spotted this across the way. Well, this sort of book you want on my bookshelves for obvious reasons. However, on closer inspection, it didn’t really live up to it’s bill matter.

Having been brought up with Haynes manuals, you have a certain expectation. Nearly every car has a Haynes manual for it, even the USS Enterprise, the Imperial Death Star and International Rescue’s Thunderbirds have manuals.

So, imagine how high my expectations where when I saw this book cover!


I was hoping for the usual cross-sections and possibly tips on giving your chicken a re-bore if its egg laying productivity started to dip but no, it’s about looking after chickens.

Disappointment upon disappointment.

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Is Christmas early this year?

Seen in a local card shop.



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When is a dessert not a dessert?

From the land that bought you the “Desert Menu“, I now need your help in deciding what constitutes a dessert.

At a well-known fish restaurant here in Swansea, I spied this menu…


Can anyone tell me when a Kit Kat or a biscuit became a dessert?!

Is it just me?!

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