What’s Your Penguin Name


You know what your West Indian cricketers name is, now, thanks to my almost sister, Heidi, you can find out your penguin name. Just take the first letter of your first name, the first letter your middle name (if you’re lucky enough to have one) and the first letter of your surname and then check the list below and see what you come up with. Mine comes out as “Blubbers Blubberbuns-Fancyflippers” (I have a double-barrelled surname).

Letter of your
Given (First) Name
Letter of your
Second Given (Middle) Name
First letter of your
Family (Last) Name
A Pecky A – M Mc A Flapperson
B Chubbers N – Z Von B Waddlebottom
C Beaky C Flapdoodle
D Fishbreath D Hoppington
E Fuzzbutt E Beakerson
F Bigbeak F Squeakybeak
G Pebbles G Krillington
H Fishcakes H Featherbottom
I Tumtums I Beakington
J Shrimpy J Rolypoly
K Featherface K Bellyflop
L Honkers L Peckington
M Blubbers M Pecksalot
N Squawky N Squidbreath
O Waddles O Squawksalot
P Puddles P Fancyflippers
Q Squidhead Q Hopsalot
R Flippers R Flappyfeet
S Fishface S Blubberbuns
T Squeaks T Pebblepincher
U Hoppy U Wigglefeet
V Wobbles V Flapperton
W Flappity W Snowballs
X Chinstrap X Swimmington
Y Feathers Y Flipperston
Z Stubby Z Slippyslide
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